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About C64GFX

The intent of C64GFX.com is to showcase the (often) amazing pixel-art that has been created for the Commodore 64 by its users - demosceners, game graphicians and others. Artwork from the full history of the machine.

Initially this has been a huge amount of work - grabbing artwork from online resource (predominantly CSDb) and slowly 'fixing' it to be of a consistent appearance with full borders, proper palette etc.


C64GFX.com is part of the C64demo.com group.

Programming + Design: Robert Troughton (Raistlin of Genesis Project)

C64GFX Logo + Design Help: Martijn Van Meel (Facet of Genesis Project)


Contact Us: raistlin@c64demo.com

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Special Thanks and Hellos

Sparta, Shine, Hedning, Case, Worrior1, The Sarge, Joe, spider-j, Mermaid, WS, Razorback, Redcrab, JonEgg, Elder0010, Scrap, MagerValp, Talent, Mikael, CopAss, Oswald, Groepaz, iAN CooG, 4gentE, Count Zero, Deev, rexbeng, Bob, Trap, Walt, Jetboy, ...


June 2024

20460 graphics, 2639 artists, 939 compos

3141 graphics with unknown artists

May 2024

20310 graphics, 2633 artists, 935 compos

April 2024

19808 graphics, 2626 artists, 923 compos

March 2024

19213 graphics, 2612 artists, 879 compos

February 2024

18745 graphics, 2581 artists, 875 compos

January 2024

14646 graphics, 2561 artists, 869 compos