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C64GFX.com CharSet Logo Compo 2024

7th February - 30th April 2024

WIN! A 6-issue subscription to FREEZE64!


    nb. rules updated on 20th February 2024 to increase the max number of entries from 3 to 6... and to split releases into 4 categories.
  • All entries must be original and never used/released before.
  • All entries must use a single charset (256 unique chars or less)†.
  • Charset can be either user-created or PETSCII.
  • Hires, Multi-Colour or a mixture (through $D800 colour data) can be used.
  • ECM mode can be used.
  • NO sprites, rasters, scrolling, colour animation, border opening, etc.
  • Must include an actual readable logo - ie. a word, words and/or digits.
  • Entries should be provided as both PRG/D64/T64 and PNG/GIF/BMP.
  • A maximum of 6 entries per participant.
  • For clarity, NO ANIMATION. If any VIC registers need to be updated while the logo is up, there's something wrong.
    * - if there are glaring omission(s) in the rules we reserve the right to fix them**.
    ** - please let us know before spending time making some "edge-case" logo ;p
    † - use CharPad, PIXCEN or other to verify the number of unique chars.


    The categories for the competition are as follows:-
  • 1) Multicolour and "Mixed"
  • 2) HiRes (1x1 pixels) - you can use D800 for colour of course
  • 3) PETSCII
  • 4) ECM (Extended Colour Mode)
Note: there will be winners per-category but there will also be an overall winner. When it comes to voting, it will be done irrespective of category - so we will have one overall winner still and it could come from any category.


  • All entries should be submitted before 30th April 2024 23:59:59CET.
  • Entries can be uploaded to CSDb at csdb.dk/event/index.php?id=3391.
  • Alternatively, for non-sceners, email here: raistlin@c64demo.com.
  • Workstages not required but feel free to send them if you have them.
  • They will be posted online as soon as we can after we receive them.
  • You are more than welcome to post the logo elsewhere.


  • Voting will run from 1st to 14th May 2024, ending at 23:59:59CET.
  • C64GFX.com will provide the voting method.
  • Restricted to those we can verify as known C64 people (NOT just demosceners).
  • Votes will be made PUBLIC - so think carefully if you plan strategic up/down-voting!


  • Results will be announced not too long after voting closes.
  • Scores will be determined using squared averages.


  • There's a 6-issue subscription to FREEZE64 (www.freeze64.com) for the winner! (thanks to the awesome Vinny Mainolfi!)
  • Good luck everyone!